Students are required to wear the following uniform: 

  • Pale Blue Polo Shirts (with School logo) £7-£9 (+VAT)
  • Navy Blue Sweatshirts (with School logo) £10-£12 (+VAT)
  • Waterproof Jacket (with School logo) - available to purchase from school £19-£23 (+VAT)
  • Pair of Charcoal Grey trousers (not provided by Ramsden Hall)
  • Black shoes/trainers (not provided by Ramsden Hall)

There will be a selection of PE tops and bottoms held in the school for the boys to use when necessary. A price list and uniform request form available from the school reception, please bear in mind that we have limited stock available to purchase.  

It is advised that uniforms are labelled in order that clothing can be identified in the event of loss.


For reasons of Health and Safety the school requires that pupils adhere to the following policy:

  • Pupils must not wear rings as these may cause injury;
  • Any pupil wearing a neck chain should keep this concealed under their school uniform and remove this when taking part in sporting activities;
  • No form of body or facial piercing is acceptable, including tongue piercing or Flesh Tunnels;
  • Small stud earrings are acceptable but the school reserves the right to ask pupils to remove these or cover them up during PE or other sporting activities;


The school encourages pupils to be expressive and have a sense of personal style. It is important however that pupils do not seek to draw negative attention to themselves by dressing or styling their hair in a way that may cause offence. Parents and carers are therefore asked to consult with the school if they are in any doubt as to the appropriateness of a new style. For reasons of Health and Safety pupils will be required to tie back long hair in lessons such as DT and Food Technology.