Iron Man Fitness Challenge

The Ramsden Hall Iron Man Fitness Challenge, is a series of fun exercises that the PE department have put together to keep students and staff active through the school closure. You can even give it a try with a family member or someone at home! If you click on the below link you will see the different exercises.

If you keep a track of your times and scores and email them to, we will keep a league table on the website of everyone's times and scores, staff members will be doing the same too.

Circuit Training

Another fun way to keep active is Circuit Training. Click on the link below to see an example of circuit training you could try out at home by yourself or with a family member or someone at home.

On the link there are some helpful tips to creating your own circuit, we would love to see and try out your circuit ideas, send them to, and we can keep a track of these on the website too.

You can even challenge a staff member to try out your circuits too!

Results League

Please see below staff & students results for the iron man fitness challenge:


Hanging Challenge

1 min sit ups 1 min press ups Standing Stalk Wall sit

Standing long jump

Ryan H  50.69 seconds  44  51  3.02 seconds  2 mins 4 seconds  2.15 metres