Every effort will be made to ensure that curriculum quality, breadth and balance are not sacrificed where pupils are required to learn remotely. Our Remote Education is reviewed weekly by SLT and Quality Assured by the Trust identifying the strengths and areas for improvement.


Welcome to Ramsden Hall Academy

Ramsden Hall Academy is a residential special school for boys aged 10 to 16 who have an EHCP for Social, Emotional and Mental Health. We admit up to 100 boys from across the whole county, with transport provided by Essex LA.

Every student has an Education, Health and care Plan, (EHCP), and have a variety of social and emotional needs. As a result, we group our pupils according to need and learning styles in all areas. 

Everything we do is based on positive relationships. We are fully staffed in all areas and all subjects are led by subject qualified teachers. Our dedicated, experienced and stable staff team, are highly trained in areas such as Attachment and Mental health, and includes a highly experienced engagement team, safeguarding team and residential team. We also provide two part-time counsellors and bespoke therapy as needed.

Learning is our core purpose.  We believe:

  • Every child can achieve
  • Every pupil can make progress
  • Every member of our community matters
  • Everyone deserves a fresh start.

We provide a safe, secure environment where pupils are cared for, valued, respected, challenged and supported to achieve and make progress. We believe that every student can have, and is entitled to, a positive future, and so we offer a variety of academic and vocational qualifications to ensure that all pupils can achieve at their level and access their chosen destinations after Y11. In the last two years every student who has completed Y11 has gone onto a college placement. Our curriculum is flexible and is designed around student needs and interests with a practical element wherever possible to support pupils with ADHD behaviours.  Any pupils demonstrating the skills and attainment required to successfully reintegrate into a mainstream school are supported in their transition.

We aim to nurture confidence and give our pupils the chance to succeed where previously they may have failed, to fill the gaps from their primary education and to prepare them for life in the real world. We organise our learning groups on the principle of ‘stage not age’ as far as possible. Pupils in Years 6 – 8 benefit from our nurture base within our Ready to Learn area where English, Maths, Humanities and Life Skills are delivered through a thematic, project based approach, including therapeutic activities such as Forest Schools.  We believe that the curriculum involves every aspect of school life and so we provide a range of trips and off-site activities, as well as the chance for older pupils to complete work experience, including onsite with our catering and site teams. 

Our site includes a Victorian country mansion built in 1854, in which the residential house and administration offices are situated, which is due to be replaced in the next two years by a purpose built extension to the learning areas and a separate residential block. The main teaching block was constructed in 2009, and we also have an outdoor classroom, technology area and gym in various original outbuildings. This is all set in 14 acres of grounds, including a playing field, swimming pool, and woodland. 

We are part of the Parallel Learning Trust (PLT) a Multi Academy Trust, and work closely with other academies across the Trust. 

The Academy works with families to put in place aspirational yet achievable targets for all learners and celebrate the achievements of pupils to reinforce their success and achievement, in line with their EHCPs.  We operate vertical mentoring within an established house structure to focus on nurture at all ages, with pupils grouped according to need. These tutor groups meet twice a day and their tutor staff take a key role in liaison with parents and overseeing the pupils' social and emotional development.

Residential provision

The residential provision is currently rated “Good” by Ofsted and has facilities for up to 28 pupils at a time. The provision is a choice for the pupils and their parents/carers, in consultation and agreement with the school.  We have an emphasis on activities and routines, making sure it is fun, but also give the pupils appropriate structured freedom to interact with their boarding friends. We focus on the development of social skills and emotional wellbeing and residential pupils consistently show improved outcomes in terms of both attendance and achievement.

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