Ramsden Hall Academy promotes the safety and well-being of the students of this school and also the practices of the Residential Care Staff. We operate in accordance with The Health and Safety at Work Code of Practice No.29 (Administration of Procedures for Dealing with Certain Medical Conditions, May 2002) and The Administration and Control of Medicines in Care Homes and Children's Services (Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, June 2003).

For a member of staff to administer medication they should do so from professionally labelled packages / bottles stating the following information:

  • Student’s name;
  • Date of dispensing;
  • The name and strength of the medication;
  • The method, dosage and timing of the medication;
  • Directions for use;
  • The expiry date (if known);
  • Staff cannot dispense medication with instructions such as, ‘to be taken as directed by your doctor’ or ‘as before’.

Parents/carers are requested to hand all medication to their taxi drivers in order to ensure that this is given directly to staff on arrival at school.

Written permission to administer Paracetamol must be received from parents/carers if students are to be given pain relief for headaches, toothache etc.

Written permission to be given antihistamine / antihistamine cream / sun creams, must be received from parents/ carers if students are to be given to use for insect bites / stings / nettle rash, and sun protection.

Self-Medication Some students require ‘life-saving’ medication, (Rescue Medication), such as Ventolin / Salbutamol Inhalers or Epipens. These should be carried, by the student at all times, with a spare being held by the school. Under no circumstance should any student's Inhaler or Epipen, be given, for use by another student, this could lead to severe consequences. Failure to have such medication in school, could result in the parent/carer, being requested to, either bring in the student's medication from home, or being requested to collect the student and return them when they have collect a prescription. This is inthe interest of the child and Health & Safety.

Medication Plan

This details the prescribed medication your child takes and also details any prescribed medication that your child has administered in school, the way its administered, checked and recorded and countersigned by staff. This follows the schools medication policy, itself based on The Department for Education (DfE) Guidance booklet 'Managing Medicines in School and Early Years Settings' 2007 ref 1448-2005DCL (found below but may not be current) the schools works closely with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHs), Social Care and Educational Psychologists to ensure the needs of all the students are met.

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