The notes of Guidance for Students and Parents/Guardians entitled to school and social care transport clearly states:

Parents/guardians are responsible for the students’ safety and behaviour:

  • before they get on the vehicle
  • during the journey
  • and after they leave the vehicle

They will be informed if students harass or bully others, fight, are offensive, cause vandalism or throw objects.  If students cause damage to the vehicle or other property the cost of repairing the damage may be charged to parents/guardians.  Remember students will lose their right to use the school transport if they misbehave and parents/guardians may have to pay for alternative transport.

We want students to enjoy their journey to school.  However, parents/guardians should encourage their child to refrain from distracting the driver as this could put passengers and other road users at risk.

Should there be any concerns about the transport or equipment which is provided please contact Essex County Council.

We will take responsibility for pupils once the taxi arrives on school property and before the taxi leaves the school grounds.

To view the full Education Transport Policy for Essex County Council please see below.

Change of Address

If your son is currently being transported to school by Essex County Council and you know you are going to be moving house, a Change of Address Request for SEN Transport needs to be completed which can be found at the bottom of the page. Please bear in mind that a change of address can take up to 10 working days.

Issues with Transport

If you are having issues with your sons transport, you need to contact the taxi company direct. Please contact 24x7 on 01279 661661.

For any more information please click here to view the SEN Transport Guidance for Parents.

Pupil Transport

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